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At Greencastle Hometown Dental, we want your experience to be as pleasant and efficient as possible. We invest in the latest dental technology, and you’ll always notice new equipment being added to our office to improve your experience.

You’ll find plenty of amenities at our office, including televisions in all the treatment rooms so you can relax and enjoy your favorite program during your visit.

We believe it’s our focus on the little details that sets us apart from your typical dental office. Here is some of the equipment you may notice us using during your visit or procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are one of the most valuable tools we have for identifying problems like cavities and gum disease in their earliest stages. Today, we use safe digital x-rays that reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 80 percent compared to traditional film x-rays.

We use dental x-rays to show us images of your teeth, soft tissue, and the bones around them. These images help our dentist diagnose issues within your teeth, mouth, and jaw by showing cavities and bone loss that we cannot see during a visual exam.

Finding a small issue like a cavity and treating it right away helps protect your oral health, cut down on dental costs, and spares you emergency trips to the dentist because of a toothache.

Our team shares the digital images with you on your chairside monitor so you can see what he sees. When we show you a cavity or gum disease on an x-ray, you can better understand the need for treatment. Your x-rays are stored securely on our in-house network, so they are readily available when we need them.

Digital Scanner

Remember the last time you had dental impressions taken? You probably had to sit with a large metal tray filled with goopy impression paste clutched between your teeth, waiting patiently for it to set. These impressions were not always accurate and, worse yet, they were often uncomfortable for the patient. Our digital scanner not only eliminates this unpleasant step but also gives us a much more precise representation of your teeth.

Our digital scanner produces a digital map, which Dr. Knuth and Dr. Funke use to create 3-D images of your mouth. As we scan your mouth, you can view the images as they appear on your chairside monitor. Digital scanning technology allows us to produce a highly accurate and detailed model of your teeth that we then use to plan treatment for Invisalign and dental restorations.

Learn more about where we use this technology:
Learn more about where we use this technology:

Intraoral Camera

It can be frustrating sometimes to sit in the dental chair during an examination and not know what your dentist sees or is referring to. We believe in including our patients to keep them informed about their own oral health needs, so we use intraoral cameras so you can see what we see.

An intraoral camera is a small handheld device that our team uses to take real-time digital images of your teeth. As we pass the device over your teeth, you will see the images appear instantly on your chairside monitor, making you part of the diagnostic process.

Together, you and our team review the images, and we can point out problem areas like decay and gingivitis and look for signs of dental wear, including broken or cracked teeth. Visualizing the problem makes it much easier to understand why we recommend a particular treatment and how it will benefit you.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps us provide a comfortable experience for our patients during dental treatment. Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or just want to relax during your appointment, nitrous oxide can help you.

Nitrous oxide is a slightly sweet-smelling gas that is delivered via a nasal mask, so all you have to do is breathe normally. As you do, you will notice a warm wave of relaxation that gives you a feeling of comfort and well-being. You won’t be as aware of the activity around you, but you will still be able to communicate with us.

As soon as we finish your procedure, we’ll stop the flow of nitrous and switch to pure oxygen that will clear your head and help you feel alert and refreshed. By the time you leave our office, you won’t feel any drowsy side effects and will be able to drive yourself home from your appointment.

Learn more about where we use this technology:
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